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Seminar on "Achieving Plant Safety & Ensuring Asset Performance Management"

ARC Advisory Group is the Knowledge Partner
ARC Advisory Group is the Knowledge Partner

Pepperl+Fuchs along with ARC Adivisory Group as Knowledge Partner invites you to join our seminar “Achieving Plant Safety & Ensuring Asset Performance Management” on May 14-15, 2012 to be held at Hotel Sheraton, Bangalore. Dr. Gunther Kegel, CEO - Pepperl+Fuchs & Chairman - Fieldbus Foundation, Rajabahadur V Arcot - VP and GM, ARC Advisory Group, Michael Kessler - Vice President- Technology, Pepperl+Fuchs, and others with many years of industry experience will speak on how companies can achieve Operational Excellence by focusing on Asset Performance Management and Safety aspects (Production, Human assets and Environment). 

We believe that, manufacturing companies in India as they construct new plants and upgrade existing facilities to add new production capacities must invest in state-of-the-art Automation Technologies so that they can compete with global companies and succeed.  This seminar on ‘Achieving Plant Safety & Ensuring Asset Performance Management’ will address these issues and enable Companies to choose the right Automation Solutions for their plants. 

The seminar will include presentations on the ways & means of ensuring Safety from plant hazards, Safety Integrity Levels to be followed meticulously in critical areas and further, the importance of Plant Asset Management through various technological approaches such as predictive intelligence available today due to advent of Digital Technology. This seminar provides industry thought leaders an opportunity to network, ponder over, and deliberate about the technological approaches available that will make them the best in class. 

Registration: Invitation by ARC